... is a multidisciplinary designer with an education in fashion, with a focus on concept and print design. After graduating she worked for the inhouse design studio of droog design in Amsterdam. Here she got the opportunity to apply her ideas in many different fields of design, such as product design, exhibition design and graphic design. This included very conceptual assignments as well as assignments for more commercial clients. This variety of design fields and type of projects is something she now pursues as a freelance designer.

Together with Cleo de Brabander, Eliza Mante and Stefanos Filippas she founded Studio Klus. A design collective that creates bold and exciting spatial interventions & experiences that challenge the way people behave within a context, be it an event, a space or the city itself.

To give her love for colours, prints and textile their own place she founded her own label called Musch+Muschje. Here she challenges herself to create products in a sustainable way.

Overall Anna’s work is recognizable as simple but bold. Handmade elements are translated in a minimalistic look to create a modern but authentic feel. Her believe of not taking everything in life too seriously brings a playful layer to it all.

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